7 Insider Tips To Joint Venture Success

Most marketers miss out on huge chunks of available  profits by not doing enough joint ventures. 

It’s the easiest way to leverage on resources you  wouldn’t otherwise have. 

There’re probably two reasons why joint ventures  are not used fully. These are the fear of work and  fear of failure. But do you know, you’ve failed in  the first place by having this mindset? 

While I’m not here to preach, I do want to emphasize, no marketer is ever an island. You’ve got to leverage  your time and resources with fellow marketers to  improve yourself and to maximize your success. 

The magic word here is leverage.  

Leverage everything you do, including joint venture,  which is one of the most powerful forms of leverage  you can ever tap on. 

Carry this mindset as you read the rest of this  article and apply the 7 basic tips as revealed... 

These are the things I learned from my own joint  venture experiences and I want to share them with  you. It’s not just airy talk. I’ve done it.  

For example, if you want to discover how I got 19  top marketers on my side for a product like “Resale  Rights Secrets” http://ResaleRightsSecrets.com,  keep your eyes to this article as mentioned. 

If you’re all set to create profitable joint ventures,  here are the top 7 insider tips to get them going: 

Tip 1: Be Sincere And Build Relationships 

I live by the principle that basic courtesy and  sincerity is a must in any relationship, especially  with your joint venture partners.  

Be sincere. Be courteous. Be honest.   

Trust begets trust. 

Don’t look at your potential partner as just someone  you can tap on, builf the contact with sincerity and  friendliness. 

This way you can build a relationship to last a  lifetime, as opposed to a one-time partnership. 

Tip 2: Think Long-Term 

This follows closely to the above setting of building  relationships. 

You can joint venture continuously whenever each one  has a beneficial product or promotion. The key’s to  create joint ventures for life, not just once off.  

Tip 3: Don’t Give Up 

I know it’s disappointing when you don’t get responses  from potential joint ventures partners. But don’t  forsake the cause because of a few failures, you may  never know when you hit the goldmine. 

It’s the same as looking for a job. While you won’t  get every interview you sent out for, getting the one  good one is what’s important. 

Spread your eggs and just do it. Contact as many  potential partners as you can and you’ll surely get  results. 

Tip 4: Always Be On The Lookout For Opportunities 

Another way to make joint ventures work for you is  to participate in them instead. Like yourself, many marketers are also looking for partners to work with, the problem’s where do you find them? 

Forums. Forums are the absolute best places to  network and seek like-minded people for potential  joint ventures. 

There’s no advertising cost and you can be on the  frontline of new opportunities simply by scanning  forums in your niche. 

Here’s a list of high traffic marketing forums you  can tap on: http://www.expage.com/hightrafficforums 

Or simply join the internet marketers’ inner circle  group called the Warrior Forum. The exposure and  benefits you can get from there are tremendous.  

While it’s a private forum, you can get a complimentary secret pass through “Money & Power: An Interview With  Allen Says”.  

Allen’s also the founder of the Warrior Forum and you  can find him actively moderating the forum there too: http://InstantMarketingSecrets.com/moneypower/ 

Tip 5: Be Clear In Your Communication 

When you’re approaching potential joint venture  partners, it’s very important not to beat about  the bush or sound overly hyped-up.  

Tell them the basic proposal and what they can gain,  and leave out the big details unless they request for  more information.  

The phrase “Short, Sweet And Simple” couldn’t be more  relevant here. 

Tip 6: Be Different 

In order to get profitable joint ventures set up,  you need to be different. 

This is especially true if you were to approach the  big names. They get tons of joint venture proposals  daily, and what’s to make them accept yours? 

Be different. Give them something others are not offering. 

I really personalize my proposals and lay out the  biggest benefits they can get…out of a one-time effort. 

For example, one major benefit out of many I gave was  master resale rights and 100% p.rofits for “Resale  Rights Secrets” http://ResaleRightsSecrets.com 

No one was doing what I did, so it became unique. 

Tip 7: Be Irresistible 

The last thing I learned was the importance of  packaging irresistible offers, even for joint  ventures partners.  

Treat them like the customer. Create irresistible  deals to get the joint venture going.  Provide a host  of benefits and be responsive. Every one enjoys being  treated well, especially valued joint venture partners. 

Well I’ll be rounding up here, hope you found these  tips to be useful. Now go for those joint ventures! 


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